About the Training


Business analysis is a research discipline, about identifying the business needs and determining solutions to the business problems.

The Business Analyst is the main agent of change. Business Analysis is a disciplined approach for introducing and managing change to businesses of all types, whether they are for-profit businesses, non-profits or governments.

The course will help you know how and why organization will implement the business analysis process and approaches.

large and small organizations are realizing the benefits of using business analysis professionals on all of their development projects.



Module 1: Business Analysis Overview
Definition of business analysis
Business analysis as a core competency for project success
PMI’s increased focus on business analysis
The project manager and business analyst relationship
The knowledge and skills business analysts require
Types of requirements

Module 2: The PMI-PBA® Certification Process
The difference between a professional certificate and professional certification
The value of professional certification
Eligibility requirements for the PMI-PBA®
The PMI-PBA® application process
The PMI-PBA® exam process

Module 3: Needs Assessment
The Importance of Needs Assessment
Identify Problem or Opportunity
Analyze the Situation
Assess Current State
Recommend Action to Address Business Needs
Assemble the Business Case

Module 4: Business Analysis Planning
The Importance of Planning for Business Analysis Planning
Conduct a Stakeholder Analysis
Define the Business Analysis Process
Plan the Business Analysis Work
Create the Business Analysis Plan & Gain Approval

Module 5: Requirements Elicitation
The Importance of Requirements Elicitation
Plan for Elicitation
Prepare for Elicitation
Conduct Elicitation
Document Elicitation Results

Module 6: Requirements Analysis
The Importance of Requirements Analysis
Plan for Analysis
Model & Refine Requirements
Document Solution Requirements
Validate/Verify/Approve Requirements

Module 7: Traceability and Monitoring
The Importance of Traceability & Monitoring
Approving Requirements
Baselining Requirements
Monitoring Requirements
Managing Requirements Changes

Module 8: Solution Evaluation
The Importance of Solution Evaluation
Plan for Solution Evaluation
Validate the Solution
Evaluate Acceptance Criteria
Facilitate Go/No Go Decision
Obtain Signoff on the Solution
Evaluate Long Term Performance

Module 9: Studying Techniques
Studying Techniques
Technique Definitions
Technique Categories
Estimating time for Studying Techniques

Module 10: Preparing for the Exam
Developing a Study Plan
Preparing for the Exam