About the Training


Business leaders throughout the world are looking for many ways to enhance their careers. One of the popular ways that you can do this is to earn a mini MBA.

The Mini MBA offers something different. It is an accelerated business program, with an emphasis on the trainee’s specific needs.

The Mini MBA, as the name suggests, is a fast-track format of the well known MBA, concentrating and summarizing what would be two years of content into around 40 hours of tuition.



1)Strategic Planning


  • What is Strategy?
  • Why strategy is important
  • Strategy map
  • Plan to plan
  • Vision, Value, Mission
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Key Performance Indicators


2)Marketing Management


  • What is marketing?
  • Marketing Environment
  • SWOT for the environment
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing mix
  • Marketing tactics
  • Product Life cycle
  • Consumer Behavior
  •  Online and Digital Marketing
  •  Roles within marketing function
  •  Market Segmentation
  • Sales Forecasting


3)Project Management


  • What is “Project”?
  • What is “Project Management”?
  • Why project management
  • Project management lifecycle
  • Project lifecycle
  • Key stakeholders in project management
  • Project planning (Scope, Time, Cost, Risk)
  • Project Governance (Scope, Time, Cost, Risk)
  • Project Management Tools


3)Operations Management and SCM



  • What is operations management? Why?
  • Process design
  • Facilities layout and flow
  • ERP overview
  • Job design
  • Design of products/ Services
  • Operations monitoring and controlling
  • Procurement
  • Forecasting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Production
  • Distribution and Transportation


4)Module one : Financial statements

5)Module two : Financial statement analysis

6)Module three : Accounting principles

7)Module four : Accounting management

Human resources

8)Module 1: Need for Human Resources Management

9)Module 2: Matching HR Needs and People

10)Module 3: Developing People

11)Module 4: Compensation and Recognition

12)Module 5: Recruitment and Selection

13)Module 6: Developing a Healthy Work Environment and Effective Employee Relations