About the Training


Operations is the area in business management concerning production of goods and services. The goal of operations management is to continue improving the systems of production, ensuring the most efficient and effective output. Operations management is involved in turning raw materials into deliverable services or products. This includes designing manufacturing systems, facilities planning, employee training, supply chain management, product design, inventory management, quality control and many more.

Operations expertise are in high demand around the world. In this course you will learn The Operations Manager role, mainly to implement the right practices and processes in your business.


  • Operations Strategies


  • Quality and Operations


  • Decision Making and Operations


  • Just-in-Time Operations


  • Product Demand Management and Forecasting


  • Product, Service, and Process Design


  • Physical Supply Chain Management


  • Manufacturing Capacity Management


  • Inventory Management


  • Materials Management


  • Purchasing Management


  • Electronic Procurement


  • Logistical Management


  • Service Strategy


  • Service Capacity Management


  • Waiting Time Management in Services


  • Managing Service Experiences


  • Engineering and Operations


  • Economics and Operations


  • Quantitative Techniques and Operations


  • International Issues