About the Training


Actualize your professional goal and learn a complementary skill or prepare for the certification with our project management training.

Taught by a Project Management Professional (PMP)®-certified instructor. Our course provides a hands-on learning approach including case studies and exercises ensuring that you have the tools to implement the project management techniques. Helping you in understanding and learning how to lead and direct a successful project is our goal.

This course provides a comprehensive knowledge, covering all project management topics and how to apply it.

Skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet various project requirements.




2-Project Life Cycle and Organization

3-Project Management Processes for a Project

4-Initiation Process Group

  • Develop project charter
  • Identify stakeholders

5-Planning Process Group

  • Develop project management plan
  • Plan stakeholder management
  • Plan scope management
  • Collect requirements
  • Define scope
  • Create WBS
  • Plan schedule management
  • Define activities
  • Sequence activities
  • Estimate activity resources
  • Estimate activity duration
  • Develop schedule
  • Plan cost management
  • Estimate costs
  • Determine budget
  • Plan quality management
  • Plan human resource management
  • Plan communication management
  • Plan risk management
  • Identify risks
  • Perform qualitative risk analysis
  • Perform quantitative risk analysis
  • Plan risk response
  • Plan procurement management

6-Executing Process Group

  • Direct and manage project work
  • Perform quality assurance
  • Acquire project team
  • Develop project team
  • Manage project team
  • Manage communications
  • Conduct procurements
  • Manage stakeholder engagements

 7- Monitoring and Controlling Process

  • Monitor and control project work
  • Perform integrated change control
  • Verify scope
  • Control scope
  • Control schedule
  • Control cost
  • Control quality
  • Control communications
  • Control risks
  • Control procurements
  • Control stakeholder engagements

8– Closing Process Group

  • Close project or phase
  • Close procurements